Cafe Hopping, Food, Marriage


A place Mr & Mrs Eio decided that they must go during their 3d2n Staycation is Antoinette!    

 Why? Mrs Eio wanna try their salted egg croissant! 😝

Look at how the salted egg flows out from the croissant. The croissant is crispy & fluffy. Simply Yums! Worth the trip. 
Latte is good. 

Love the ambience…❤️❤️

Only thing that’s kind of disappointing is the pasta. Too oily. The food items are pricey but if it’s of good standard, it’s ok. Mr Eio says Mrs Eio can cook better pasta. So… 😓

There’s a great variety of desserts but Mrs Eio think they taste average. 

Conclusion: Be there if you wanna try their salted egg croissant & for the nice ambience. 

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