Mr Fish (fish soup)

After watching a TV program on this fish soup stall known as “Mr Fish”, Mrs Eio decided to make a trip to this stall @ smith street. Why? The broth of their fish soup looks milky but it doesn’t contain milk! Hmm… Worth trying out. 

Pls refer to ieatishootipost’s blog below for a full review of this stall & their dishes.   

Mrs Eio reached the stall @ 10am but the uncle in the stall said their would only be ready at 10.30am. Well… Since she’s already there, the only option was to wait. 😊

 Mrs Eio was famished so she tried out breakfast from this stall “五十年代” (wu shi nian dai). Their bread is dense but soft & fragrant. Thumbs up! Just look at the long queue!! 

Finally, Mr Fish was opened for business!!!   

Mrs Eio was their 1st customer for the day & a queue started to form after she placed her order. The cute Aunty with purple coloured hair decided to serve Mrs Eio 1st since she saw that she had been waiting for some time. Phew… 

Fish collar hor fun is worth a try. 

As you can see, the broth is milky but there’s really no taste of milk. The broth is not too salty. It’s rich & flavourful. 

If you like fish soup, you may wanna try “Mr Fish” but don’t expect the saltish fishy taste of our usual fish soup. It’s milder & the more you drink the broth, you will like it. 

Address: Smith Street Food Centre, 335 Smith Street #02-073, S(050335). **
Green seats area- once you see Wu Shi Nian Dai, turn right & walk straight for more stalls. Mr fish is there! 

Close on Sunday. 

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