Ramen Keisuke – lobster king (Clarke Quay)

During their recent couple getaway, Mr & Mrs Eio had their dinner @ Ramen Keisuke- Lobster King @ Clarke Quay. Mrs Eio must say it’s really a great choice! 

Look at the long queue outside the restaurant!!

Mr & Mrs Eio decided to try the lobster broth ramen (rich soup) – highly recommended & miso lobster broth ramen. 

The couple got counter seats.  The restaurant offers free boiled eggs & bean sprout. 👍   
The lobster broth ramen (rich soup) is a “must-try” ramen. The broth is rich & filled with lobster flavour. The flavoured egg is soft & tasty. 


If you like miso, don’t miss their miso lobster broth ramen. There are some minced meat in the broth & the lobster flavour is not as strong. Nevertheless, it’s yummy! 
Dispenser of the freezing foam for their famous beer. The Eios are too full to try it. 

 Ramen Keisuke is only opened after 6pm. Hence, you can only satisfy your cravings after sunset. 🙂 Visit their website more more information. 

Address: Clarke Quay – 3C River Valley Road #01-07 The Cannery, Singapore 179022

Opening hours: 1800-0500. 

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