Hua Yu Wee Restaurant (华友园)

Hua Yu Wee (seafood restaurant) was where Mrs Eio’s brother &  her did part time job when they were schooling. Her mom has been working in their kitchen for many many years (even before Mrs Eio’s younger sister was borned). A family-runned business but with lots of human touch. The lady boss is someone Mrs Eio respects as she’s ever kind to her workers.

Last night, Mrs Eio & all were there for dinner to celebrate her father’s birthday. These are the dishes they ordered.

Spring chicken is a dish one must try. Simply crispy & fragrant.


We’ll usually order steam fish. Last night was an exception. However, Mrs Eio prefers steam fish. How about you?

Brocolli is for Eio kids. You can have them at home instead. Lol.

Many people goes Hua Yu Wee for the crabs. Most prefer Chilli & pepper crabs. Well.. Mrs Eio’s personal favorite is steam Crab. Not forgetting the yummy egg white that comes along with it.


If you are there on weekdays, their beef steamboat is worth trying. The Eio’s were there 2 weeks back to satisfy Mrs Eio’s craving. (Posted photos on FB).

Another dish Mrs Eio missed is the drunken prawn. She simply loves the herbal soup plus the prawn of course. One of the challenging dishes that she used to find it difficult to serve to customers when she’s working as a waitress in Hua Yu Yuan many many many years back. The live prawn will jump out of the pot when Mrs Eio poured wine into the pot in front of the customers. Remembered the times she held her breath serving this dish. Nevertheless, the taste & smell are remarkable.

Yes.. Photoshoot after everyone is extremely full. El’s already sleeping.( Way passed Eio kids sleeping time). Hmm.. It’s fine since everyone is happy! Cheerios!!!

Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant

Add: 462 Upper East coast Road. S466508.

Tel: 64429313 (Mrs Eio can memorise this number by heart even till now as she was always calling this number to look for her mother during her kindergarten & lower Primary school days. 😁 Telecom (aka Singtel now) had not even added the number 6 infront of all Singapore’s Telephone number yet. )

Many many many years has passed… The “era” when Mrs Eio was working at Hua Yu Wee, there were Golden beach & Yong Chun Yuan along the same side of the road. Now, only Hua Yu Yuan’s surviving & the fragrance of their food still lingering… Simply nostalgic.

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