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East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

Craving for Chinese Cuisine, Mr & Mrs Eio had their lunch at East Ocean Teochew restaurant (Takashimaya level 5). 

 The fried beancurd roll with shrimp paste is crispy & the prawn is crunchy. Dip it with the black sour sauce to enhance its flavour.  
Claypot fried beancurd & fish maw. Mrs Eio loves the sauce, especially mixing it with her rice. It’ll be better to cook the fish maw longer so that it will be softer after absorbing all the flavour from the sauce. 


The stir fried beef cubes with capsicums are tender & juicy. 


The soup of the day is flavorful but a little fishy. Think it’s due to the fresh water fish used to double boil the soup. 

Dessert, taro (yam) paste with ginkgo nuts is simply yummy. How can one miss this Teochew dessert in a Teochew restaurant? The serving is small though. Well… It makes you crave for more.   

The service East Ocean is excellent. The Aunty (waitress) serves them Tie Guan Yin tea before & after their meals. This is on top of the jasmine tea that Mrs Eio ordered together with the dishes. The price is considerably high but the food taste great. 
For more info, visit their website:

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