London Fat Duck

Mrs Eio chanced upon London Fat duck at Scotts Square #B1-16/17 when she’s shopping along Orchard Road one weekend.   
There’s along queue of people waiting outsie the restaurant for their takeaway. Mrs Eio was glad there’s a table for them to grab a quick dinner. 

She ordered duck rice & Char Siew noodles. 

The duck meat is really fat. Look at the roasted skin & the thick layer of fats under it. Tasty & juicy. 

Err… But Mrs Eio loves the Char Siew noodles more than the duck rice. The noodles is bouncy & chewy. Char Siew is juicy & coated with tasty sauce, well barbecued. She just loves the flavourful soup that comes along with it. 

The rice & noodles are $7.80 each (before surcharges). Restaurant is rather crowded on a weekend. Worth trying if you like roasted meat. 

For more info, visit their website:

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