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Hatters Street Cafe 

Mrs Eio loves the waffles.  As of now, she thinks waffles from Hatters street is the best she has eaten. A must-try is the pandan icecream waffles with Gula Melaka sauce. 

pandan icecream with gula melaka sauce

Latte served is rich & creamy. 


Price of the waffles…

Mrs Eio loves the texture of the waffles. Thick, Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. When she plunges the butter knife into the waffles, she knows that’s what she loves. It’s tasty; not too sweets. Everything (waffle, icecream & sauce) just fall perfectly together! 

vanilla icecream with salted caramel sauce
A cafe with​ simple layout.
Hatters street serves only waffles, some cakes &
desserts & coffee. So be here for their specialties.  
If you love waffles, try hatters street! 


ADDRESS: Block 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 (S) 530212. 

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Meet & Melt cafe

Mrs Eio is pleasantly surprised to find a cafe opposite her alma mater along Tampines St 91. This is the neighborhood she grew up in. Many changes from the colours of the flat to the shops at the void deck. Being there is simply nostalgic…   
Meet & Melt- a cafe selling drinks, icecream toast & waffles. Wonder how’s their waffles?

This is a family business. The lady boss is very friendly. These are the desserts they are offering & the prices. They also cater to students at a lower price but of course a smaller portion too. 🙂

Mrs Eio ordered charcoal waffle plus salted egg icecream & a Thai ice tea. 

The Thai ice tea is only S$2. Taste ok. 

Mrs Eio is pretty impressed with their waffle. Yes. It’s the texture that she likes. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. With a tinge of sweetness. 

The charcoal waffle goes pretty well with the salted egg icecream. This combi tastes pretty good with the salted egg sauce but Mrs Eio would prefer to dip it with the caramel sauce on the plate to have a better contrast at your taste bud- sweetness of the caramel & waffle in contrast with the saltish taste from the icecream & salted egg sauce. Yummy! 
Ain’t you in love with it… Look at how the sauce drizzles down from the icecream & waffles…

Their pricing is slightly cheaper than the other neighborhood cafes that sells waffles. Worth a try! Mrs Eio will be back to try their toast soon. Stay tune…

Address: Blk 915 tampines st 91 #01-49. S520915. 

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McCafe delights

Mrs Eio is not promoting Mac Donald’s here but she has to blog about her pleasant encounters with a McCafe staff at the Mac Donald’s outlet located at Tampines St 32. 

During one of Mrs Eio’s recent visit to this mac outlet, she ordered a take-away latte (in case she can’t finish the coffee as she’s in a rush) & a “have it here” muffin. The outlet wasn’t crowded. Hence, this barista asked Mrs Eio to take a seat & offered to serve the Latte & muffin right to her table! That’s very nice of her… When Mrs Eio “received” her Latte & muffin, these were what she had gotten. 

   Ain’t these lovely. Mrs Eio don’t think many baristas will bother to “decorate” the Latte for take-away. But this barista makes an effort to do so. Look at the cream beside the muffin!

Mrs Eio was back to this outlet again few days later. She ordered a Latte & muffin again but this time she’s “having them here”. 

Nice Latte Art. The barista even decorated the plate for serving muffin. Well done! 

This is the barista that Mrs Eio is referring to (see photo below). A Lovely lady who takes pride in her job & Mrs Eio could see that she’s willing to go the extra miles to serve the customer. 

The latte tasted pretty good even though Mrs Eio asked for low fat milk. It’s less creamy, lighter in terms of its body but definitely good enough to perk up Mrs Eio’s day. 

It’s a delight to have such an encounter at a neighborhood Mac Donald’s cafe outlet. 

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Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Finally, Mrs Eio made it to  Chye Seng Huat Hardware. She noticed that many people in the cafe are taking photos. Let’s join the crowd!   
Mr Eio likes the Latte at CSHH as its not too acidic. But Mrs Eio finds it too milky & lacks “kick” for her. Nevertheless, everyone has different preference for their cuppa. 🙂

Barista at work! Make sure you don’t wait in vain while placing your order. There’s a queue for collecting your coffee orders & a separate queue for ordering your food. They are just next to each other so Mrs Eio went to the wrong queue while waiting to place her order at the cashier. 

Interesting concept. Rather crowded during lunch time. So Mrs Eio did not take as much photos as she would like to… She likes the window grilles. Lol. 

The Papa pork burger is interesting. Charcoal bun with pork patty served with wasabi chips. The patty is on the sweet side mainly due to the pineapple jam on top of it. 

Yes. They grill the burger bun! Mrs Eio thinks S$18 is consider expensive as the side dish is just chips (not fries or salad). 

Forest of Mushroom on toast is a letdown. It’s like having thick cream of mushroom on a simple toast. The poached egg white are rather tough in texture. S$15 for this dish. Mrs Eio will sure skip this if she ever visit CSHH again. 

EL enjoyed the chips though…

So much of the food… Mrs Eio went on to explore the second level. 

Apparently, part of the level 2 is used to conduct craft workshops & the Tyrwhitt General company sells leather & other items. You may visit their website to find out more about their craft workshop. 


This company is not related to CSHH. 

This is where they conduct the craft workshop. Probably for 10-15 pax. You may sign up as individuals too. 


 Leather pouch – one can make this during the workshop. 

The C- platform is a coffee school under CSHH. 


All in all, do explore beyond level 1 to make your trip worthwhile. 🙂 

CSHH Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Road, 207563

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Wheeler’s Yard for El’s birthday

Experience drinking your cuppa or having a meal in an industrial warehouse. Wheeler’s yard- a bicycle-themed cafe. 

One will not miss the cool blue front gate when you visit Wheeler’s Yard. Mrs Eio is sure many people will take photos in front of it so did Eio kids & herself. 


Mrs Eio is hoping to visit this cafe for quite some time. Eios finally got a chance to do so & celebrate El’s birthday at Wheeler’s yard. 

Inside the cafe… Helmets, bicycles, bicycle parts (with labels) …   


Have you ever place a bicycke on your dining table? How about placing 2-3 at the same time. Lol. 


Counter to order food. Self-service. Eios arrived early that day. Many people came after Eios ordered their food. Phew… Eio kids were very hungry. At least, They have to wait too long for their lunch.  
There’s a number of big table so one can have gatherings & short meetings in this cafe. 

 Em fascinated by the bicycle parts….   

The food are nice. Prawn Aglio Olio is tasty & not too salty. 

Mrs Eio & Eio kids love the truffle fries! Smells Good. Mr Eio goes for the Hanger’s steak. The portion is quite big. The mushroom sauce for the beef is impressive.     

You can see the mushrooms in the sauce. 


Yard’s Chicken burger. Mrs Eio likes their hamburger bun as its toasted. The meat patty is minced, not chicken fillet or whole piece of chicken breast. 


Lovely Miss El Eio…


Celebrating El’s birthday makes Mrs Eio teary… People who knows what Eios’ been through the past years can testify on God’s grace in this little girl’s life. Mrs Eio is so thankful that El is growing well now & she looks just like any other children of her age in terms of size right? 

Blessed birthday to El. 👏👏👏


Mrs Eio quite like their waffles. The taste, texture & thickness are good but it’s abit cold (probably due to aircon or the icecream) when they serve this dessert. 

One can either opt to dine in the aircon area or outdoor near the warehouse that Wheeler’s Yard is selling bicycles & accessories. 

An inspiration from them on how to do planting at Mrs Eio’s front balcony. 

Bicycle “carriage” behind or in front. Guess the price???


Eio kids get to sit on these barber chairs that exist since their great grandfather’s time.     

Busy Mr Eio… While Mrs Eio & Eio kids are exploring…

This is a cafe Mrs Eio won’t mind revisiting. If you love bicycles, old school & vintage stuff… this is probably a place you wanna drop by.

Don’t say Mrs Eio never warn you… If you are driving there, beware of “summon aunties”. Hee hee…

For more information, visit their website:

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To-Gather Cafe

Eios has been to this cafe many times. Eio kids like to visit To-gather & sometimes it’s for their couples time. 

To-gather’s food is good & price-wise quite decent for a cafe. Eios’ at To-gather again for their Sunday lunch. 

Mushroom soup. A “MUST-order” soup for Em when he visits restaurants or cafes. His favorite!


Mrs Eio likes their coffee. Err… Hope the cup can be bigger. Lol. 


Seafood Aglio olio. Eio kids love speghetti. This is spicy but since they were hungry, it’s a good opportunity to push their ability to tahan (endure) spicy food further. 


Hungry guys…

Very very hungry girl…


Long queue…

Eliz kept saying,” it’s very hot…” But she just continued eating.


And drinking water…

Eio kids “all-time-favorite”- French fries. Think Eliz really loves the speghetti. She’s using the fries to scoop it into her mouth. If she didn’t like it, she would not eat it at all after having an alternative. 


Chicken chop. The sauce on the chicken has a strong pineapple taste. Not sure if you agree with Mrs Eio. She prefers saltish sauce for chicken chop instead of a sweet citrus taste. Salad & the dressing are good. Fries… Are fries lor. Crispy. Heehee.   

First time ordering the matcha lava cake. Mrs Eio is kind of disappointed as it’s really too sweet. 

There’s no doubt Mrs Eio will visit To-gather cafe again as some of her activities revolve around that area. Seems like they are taking in reservations these days. If you are keen to visit, their address & website are as follows…


84 Bedok North Street 4

# 01-25 / 27, Singapore 460084

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Jubilee coffee house & bar

Mrs Eio’s good friend posted on Jubilee coffee house & bar on their fb during the Jubilee weekend. Yes, it’s time for her to try it out…

 Retro theme but it has a oriental feel not just because of the music they play & decor but the food as well. 

Don’t mind Mrs Eio saying… In short, she thinks Jubilee serves a combination of food one can find in a western food stall plus Chinese tze char stall. 

Well… Sad to say there’s no waffles for Mrs Eio. They serves Chinese desserts (like those you can find in kopitiam), cake & some pastries. 

Coffee is not bad…

Chicken chop portion is quite big. 

It’ll be better if they can serve the curry chicken & rice separately. 😊

If you are trying to getaway from the crowd in shopping malls, restaurants, foodcourt and don’t mind paying more for the food to eat in peace. This will be a good place to chill & relax. 

Jubilee coffee house & Bar

580 Netheravon Road. Singapore 508516.