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Paul (Paragon) 

Mr & Mrs Eio were at Paul (paragon) for their breakfast.    
They ordered latte, sunny side up & omelette. The price for their breakfast was decent as compared to having it in the hotel they were staying. 

Nice coffee. Not too acidic nor bitter. Great way to start their morning together. 🙂

The toasts were crispy & nutty. Mrs Eio’s glad that the sausages weren’t too salty. The tomato was a bit soggy though (as you can see).    

Not forgetting there’s a wide selection of pastries for takeaway at their counter. 

After all, it’s the companion that matters the most. Cosy place to enjoy breakfast along orchard road, nice chat with her beloved & great opportunity for them to chew slowly on every bite without having to rush or take care of Eio kids. 

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